bg_fuluI’m Kathy Murphy, owner and founder of Macon Mud Pottery Studio. After working ten years in the field of architecture I decided to reinvent myself. What I discovered is that I am a “maker,” and that the medium is not as important as the process.
Having explored a number of artistic mediums, I decided to pursue my interest in pottery and my desire for a simpler life.
What could be more simple than mud?


jugAlthough I primarily make functional pottery, I have a keen interest in architectural ceramics. My background has proven useful in making such items as tiles, backsplashes, sinks, mantels and fireplace surrounds.

I am deeply fascinated by life’s rituals and the vessels that support them; everything from my favorite mug for morning coffee to funerary urns and liturgical wares.

I have developed a library of symbols, that I use for story telling on my totems. Just as historic totems denote a tribe or a person, my totems are designed to tell something about a person through simple images and symbols.

As I strive to perfect myself, I also strive to perfect my pots. In a world of cheaply made, mass-produced goods, I want to help my audience gain a real appreciation for quality handmade items. It is my sincere hope that my pots will help to enrich the lives of others.